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** Hansing School of Dance Coronavirus Message | March 18, 2020 **
Wow! Unprecedented times. Please bear with us as we navigate through them.

Historically we close the studio when school is closed. This is primarily to make communication easier for snow days, cold days, etc.

Since school is closed this week and next week for Spring Break, we closed the Studio this week. Fortunately, we have had no other snow days so our current session which is due to end soon is complete as we budget extra weeks for unplanned events like snow days.

Now it seems that school will be closed indefinitely. The last published school start date had been April 6th but that is now in question.

We do not have all the contingency plans figured out yet but wanted to reach out with our current outlook (which, of course, is subject to change as we get more information).

First, if school is cancelled for the balance of the year as the State of Kansas announced yesterday, then we won’t have a typical final session or a Recital.

Second, if school resumes by early May, we will have enough time to get the dancers prepared to perform a high quality, meaningful Dance Recital on June 12th. (Wouldn’t this be a nice scenario!!)

I am working with the Costume Suppliers to be on standby so that we can order costumes and receive them on time. I know that there will be financial hardships that may impact family’s abilities to buy multiple costumes. There may be less costumes to buy depending on what the next months hold and we will be offering some type of financial assistance so that no dancers are left behind.

We are processing multiple scenarios including one that lets us keep classes going as long as limit class size and practice the health guidelines outlined by the authorities.

In these times, we are feeling a much more heightened appreciation for our family, friends and dancers!

Hoping and praying that you and your family and friends can find some light in all of this and minimize the negative effects.

Keep Dancing at Home! Send us videos!!

Love you all,
Lisa and Melissa

P.S. We will keep you posted as more information becomes available!


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View our schedule today to find the perfect class for you or a family member.  We are offering a variety of dance classes for all age levels. Find out more about tuition!


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About Hansing's School of Dance

Hi! I’m Lisa Young. I founded Hansing School of Dance with my father, John Hansing. Actually, he told me one day in 1989 that he had just rented some space in town and we were starting a Dance Studio! I had a three year old, a one year old and newborn at the time, so I was a bit incredulous. But the spot he had secured above the music store was perfect and off we went! My dad had danced professionally and had a studio in Bayview (Dancing Hansing’s) when I was young, so it wasn’t all brand new. Dancing had always been a part of our lives and Dance Education was my Major at UW Madison. He taught Tap and Tumbling and I taught Jazz and Ballet. We had a great run for over 20 years together and taught lots and lots of kids and adults to dance and hopefully to love dancing!

I lost my Dad in 2010 to cancer. It was quite a blow as many of you may know from personal experience but it has been extremely rewarding to keep teaching and fulfilling his vision. I think about him every single time I enter the Studio.

I have also been joined by Corianne who does a fantastic job with the kids. And my daughter, Melissa, is teaching now as well.

I hope you come try us out no matter your age or ability. Our studio has helped scores and scores of students excel at Dance for Musicals, Dance Team and Cheerleading. We do not compete and we get compliments about that every session. There is nothing wrong with competition, it’s just not what we are in this for.

Hope to see you soon!

Miss Lisa

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